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They say mighty oaks grow from small acorns and although we may not yet be a mighty oak we are certainly continuing to grow. Sometime during 2010, Brian Sainsbury and Matt Tallon, during an in depth, philosophical, intellectual conversation involving beer and several bottles of wine, discussed the possibility of a Folk Club in Toot Hill. Both are music lovers (more in their profiles later on) and shared a vision of a club where people could play/sing or just sing comfortable in the surroundings of like-minded people. With such a shared vision Bill Heffernan also stepped forward and the Toot Hill Folk Club was created. Bill singing with guitar that he could play, Matt singing with his that he probably couldn't and Brian with a full repertoire of songs both old, new, comical and communal we began our journey. With a shared vision of people turning up to play/sing/listen or in some cases just tap their feet we began to grow in numbers. The initial nights had as few as 14 but once people realised they could come and join in songs and choruses we attracted some very talented musicians and singers. During the Winter our indoor venues have been a welcomed source of warmth of both heat and companionship. Our Summer ventures include the erection of Marquees both to the front and rear of the Green Man with bales of hay added for authentic seating and numbers totalling over 150 on a number of occasions.  Several things make our club different from mainstream clubs, firstly it is FREE to enter,  musicians play and if they want to be accompanied they call out the key and several others may join in, all choruses are open season to accompaniment and humour is certainly encouraged. Some will provide a song-sheet of their numbers so that with a mixture of Irish, English, Scottish, American folk and sea shanties as well as more recent productions from the Eagles, U2, Dylan, Willie Nelson, Simon and Garfunkel, John Denver, Tom Paxton, Buddy Holly, and own compositions all the group feel they can participate. With the accompanying selection of guitars, banjos, mandolins, tin whistles, violin/fiddles, recorders, harmonicas, saz, ukulele  and piano/organs and of course the tambourine.

Our St Patrick Nights, Christmas events and themed events are extremely well supported gatherings and on occasions we will collect for a good cause i.e. The Haiti Earthquake. We have performed at the Toot Hill Show for the past few years and have been mentioned on Radio Essex.

          NEXT EVENING IS Friday 27th April 2018  7.30 ONWARDS
     Future Dates are Friday 18th May and then Saturdays 16th June and 14th July  Both the Saturdays will be outside and they have proved to be very enjoyable evenings in the past so bring the family.
     Our St Patricks Folk Night was excellent (3 pints of Guinness for the price of 2 may have helped the atmosphere a lttle). 
          Also special 10 offer for Fish and Chips or Chickenburger and Chips

During our existence we have been lucky to have several managers of the Green Man who have supported us over the years. For a number of reasons we did take the club on the road a couple of times and then resituated to the Village Hall a number of times but now we are back at our spiritual home and with great support from Lamty, Beth and Ged the new management who are extremely accommodating and are offering special Folk Night Meals at reduced rates for those attending the club. Oh and the beer is very good!

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