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Brian Sainsbury, with an Irish mother he was raised listening to the Dubliners (and likes to think he sounds like Ronnie Drew). He is still a Head Teacher of a Special school. He was a keen mountaineer having climbed all over the place – we are not entirely convinced that he was more interested in the après climb. He has the dubious record of singing sea shanties, folk songs, carols and hymns in wine bars, churches and rugby clubs from the Appalachians to the Alps. Often heard to Yodel at times during choruses, but we have suggested he chose a chair with a cushion in future.

Matt Tallon an early retired Senior teacher with experience in Special and Mainstream schools and a current F.A. Coach Educator and People and Dog First Aid Trainer (Yep or yap that’s Dog First Aid). Running his own training company for schools and businesses delivering all over the country and Gibraltar, he has had to miss a couple of events due to overseas work on the rock (I thought chain gangs had finished). A singer and guitar player (according to himself) specialising in Irish folk and anything else that sounds good. He is a member of the local Parish Council and the Chairman of the Toot Hill Village Hall Committee (obviously voted on while he was asleep one evening).  Along with Brian, co-founder of the Toot Hill Folk Club.

Bill Heffernan is from Irish stock, retired and has been a singer songwriter since the age of 17, some of his and Micky Johnson’s music can be found on youtube under songwriters-musicinc.  Two or three of the current club were either taught or are being taught by Bill. Therefore any bum chords are his entire responsibility. Bill wrote the music scores for the ‘No Ordinary Man’ and ‘Molly Brightside’ productions. The former is a songumentary about the life of Jesus and the other is about a young girl living on the streets of East London between the wars. A talented man no doubt.


This is an ideal environment for those newbies learning to either sign or play and wishing to gain experience in a respectful and supportive atmosphere. 

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